EOC 001: Interview with Jai Corria, Assistant Camera/DIT

This is Jai on the set of Parks and Recreation.

This is Jai on the set of Parks and Recreation.

In this take of the EOC Podcast, I speak with Jai Corria, an assistant camera and digital imaging technician with over a decade of industry experience.  Jai has worked in such big titles as Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and  Parks and Recreation. More recently, Jai has also worked on Horrible Bosses 2 and Mall Cop 2. As of this recording, Jai is currently in Pittsburgh, working on another feature film. Go Jai!

In this show we talk about:

  • How and when Jai first started using a camera.
  • A Union Apprenticeship Program that trains you for industry jobs.
  • The best course of action to get your career off the ground.
  • What she would differently if she had to start over.
  • How relationships and involvement can lead to a promotion.
  • A few differences between working in film and TV.
  • The challenges of being an assistant camera.
  • How overwhelmingly onerous (and sometimes unfair) the set life can be.
  • Her advice for future filmmakers.


Elements mentioned:


assistant camera responsibilities on set

We are not in Kansas anymore. (It’s Pawnee!)


Assistant Camera job fun - filmmaking

The extras used to want to play with Jai’s camera. They don’t any more.