Coming Soon: Your Hollywood Career (and How You Can Be a Part of It)

I often receive questions about specific careers in the industry. Sometimes these questions are basic enough that I can answer them without missing a beat. Other times, however, I have to investigate, dig around, ask a friend… Call it research, if you will, and I love doing  it!

So I’m happy to announce my plans to develop a collection of blog posts about different professions in the industry, all with real insight and first-hand account from actual professionals working in Hollywood and around the globe! How amazing is that! I wish I had thought of it sooner! And shame on you loyal readers for not suggesting it! I’m kidding, of course. I love all of you.

I am calling this Your Hollywood Career for now, but it may change later.

How You Can Help

There are about a hundred different jobs in the industry. I need to know what YOU are interested in so I can chase the right interviewees and ask them the right question. I already have a producer and a DIT technician lined up for interviews soon. I am super stoked for these, and I hope you are too.

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Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. If you have nothing to say, at least tell me this: where do you see yourself in 5 years?