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I just finished a 6-month course on filmmaking, and I have to shoot a short film. I  have quiet a hard time coming up with a shot list, please help me on this. How can I come up with a shot? I really want to do it myself and be bold to say I did this… – Peter


Hi Peter, thanks for your question. I hope the following article will help out you, as well as anyone else interested in learning more about the shot list. Since not everyone may understand what you are asking, let’s take a few steps back and tackle this  from the beginning.

If you haven’t done so already, go a head and read the following material:

Now without further ado:

What is a shot list: Definition & Purpose

A shot list is a document that lists and describes the shots to be filmed during principal photography. There isn’t a set format for the shot list, but here’s one way you can do it:

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The Elements of Cinematography (Cinematography Index)

cinematography-cameras-lightsCinematography is one of the most involved aspects of filmmaking. Arguably, it also the most important. Writers and directors be damned, without the camera, cinema would not exist. And it’s how the camera is manipulated or utilized that different forms of cinema are created. From documentaries to experimental, style and substance start with the camera.

Cinematography is the art of filming moving pictures. It all starts with a camera, of course, but this department utilizes a plethora of equipment and techniques to create the look of a movie.

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For Photographers, With Love: BENDING THE LIGHT (Trailer)

Camera DSLR IconIt’s sad, but when you think about it, the art of photography has been dragged through the mud by all the smartphones out there. On any given moment, a tremendously large number of “photographs” are snapped around the globe followed by silly little things like #burger #bliss #glory. Who cares what you had for lunch?

But it’s modernity, and I’m guilty of it too.

There was a time when photographs were so precious, not to mention relatively expensive, that they were reserved for special occasions like weddings and birthdays. And before hitting the shutter button, you always had to stop breathing to avoid wasting the exposure (there was no undo).

The trailer to Michael Apted’s upcoming documentary Bending The Light got my blood flowing with nostalgia for those old times. Not that the it focuses on the past, but it seems to me that the emphasis of his film is on a pure connection between artist and photography — a connection that most people born in the 21st century will never experience because “here’s my dog sleeping #cute #snoringloudly #cantfocusonanything.”

Without further ado, here’s his trailer: