Automated Dialogue Replacement

automated-dialogue-replacementAutomated or automatic dialogue replacement (ADR) is a process whereby dialogue is re-recorded in a studio during post-production to match picture filmed during principal photography. As the name implies, this better quality re-recording of an actor’s dialogue replaces the previously recorded poor quality audio. ADR is necessary when, for one reason or another, no suitable dialogue was recorded during principal photography. [Read more…]

Sound Design in Film


A sound designer at work.

Usually – but not always – filmmakers fall in love with the medium because of the visual aspect of film. Photographers, for instance, sometimes grow up to find themselves interested in cinematography or videography. While this is all fine and dandy, the issue becomes a problem when budding filmmakers neglect sound in their productions. In fact, it’s not rare to find young directors who have a camera but not a microphone. While that’s not a crime, this does illustrate the problem. In a nutshell, sound design is the many flavors and colors of the sound spectrum of an artistic work: [Read more…]