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For pre-production to start, producers must commit themselves to a project – a screenplay. Once greenlit, the script furnishes the framework for the production. Location scouting, casting, equipment rental, storyboard, and shoot script all happen in accordance to the screenplay.

One of the main tasks for the producer during this phase is to secure funds for the production to progress to the next level. Serious student filmmakers must understand that any film production costs money. Meals for the crew is often the biggest expense to young filmmakers. For Hollywood studios, on the other hand, their hugest expense is often the star's salary, which is higher than the entire crew's combined. Equipment rental, contracts, permits, and insurance are also costly for the independent producer and should not be ignored.

Creatively and artistically, many decisions must be made. First and foremost, a director must be chosen; he or she will be in charge of creative decisions from that moment onward unless fired. Writing the shooting script is huge responsibility in this phase. The director must be extremely familiar with the screenplay to the point that he knows what and how he wants to shoot the movie. The shooting script is a more detailed description of the shots and scenes of the movie.

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