EOC 007: Lindsay Adams and “How to become a Production Assistant in Hollywood?”

Production-Assistant-CareerHello CinemaNation!

In this episode of the Elements of Cinema Podcast, I interview Lindsay Adams, a production assistant originally from Stillwater, Oklahoma.

I have to say I love this pattern I’ve noticed from most of my guests who were not born in Los Angeles and had to move here to follow a dream. Those kind of journeys are always more exciting, and we salute Lindsay for her zeal and passion that brought her to Hollywood.

Here’s the interview:

Show Notes

One of the biggest discoveries from talking to Lindsay was about the PA Bootcamp, which is a 2-day intensive crash course on all-things PA, so you can get up and running quickly and find a job in the industry as a Production Assistant. For the dreamers who move to a whole new state with too much enthusiasm and not enough funds, the promise of PA Bootcamp is a sweet one – for $250 and just one weekend of your life, you can learn enough skills to get your foot on the door of production companies and maybe even a studio.

Of course, as Lindsay explains in her interview, there are many obstacles, and success comes with time.

Lindsay had three quotes she mentioned, but the one I wanted to focus on is this:

If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success.”

– Will Smith

And because all the people in the business are so interconnected, one obvious interpretation of the quote above is that you should never deny help to a friend or colleague simply because they are struggling. If you value them as a person, you should always lend a helping hand so that they can repay the favor when they are in a better position.

The book Lindsay recommend to us is Technical Film and TV for Nontechnical People by Drew Campbell, which is a jokey and conversational way to learn all the technical stuff you need to know.


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