EOC 006: Casting Director Bonnie Gillespie Discusses the Casting Process and Offers Tips for Actors


Hello peeps, and a Happy 2015 to you and yours. For those who noticed my absence, I apologize for this unplanned hiatus; I was moving to a new home, but now I’m back with the latest episode of the Elements of Cinema Podcast, where I interviewed Bonnie Gillespie, a casting director and independent producer living […]

EOC 005: 20th Century Fox Administrative Assistant Angel Hunter and Why You Should Consider a Corporate Job

On the show this week, I interview Angel Hunter, an administrative assistant at 20th Century Fox, or how she describes it, “a very big well-funded post house.” I am super stoked to feature Angel on The Elements of Cinema Podcast because she offers a glimpse into the corporate side of the business, which is quite often […]

EOC 004: Filmmaker David Rountree and His Decade-Long Overnight Success


Oh, my. Episode four already. We’re making steady progress with this podcast thing. Thank you so much for everyone who’s tuning in and thank you for all the love shared. I appreciate you! I’m really excited about this episode, as I talk with filmmaker David Rountree (his IMDb), who was referred to the program by […]

EOC 003: Interview with Shenita Moore, actress

actress headshot

In this episode of the podcast, I speak with actress Shenita Moore, who I met back in 2010 on the set of a short film that Shenita produced titled Queen Victoria’s Wedding. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Shenita is a working actress with tons of invaluable insight. In this the take, we discuss: […]

EOC 002: Interview with Jake Katofsky, producer/ screenwriter


In this take of our podcast, I speak with Jake Katofsky, a producer and writer whose first feature, 108 Stitches, is now available on Amazon and other VOD platforms. Jake is (only) a student but through unlimited passion, smart networking, and perseverance, he found his way into an independent production that features such talents as […]

EOC 001: Interview with Jai Corria, Assistant Camera/DIT


In this take of the EOC Podcast, I speak with Jai Corria, an assistant camera and digital imaging technician with over a decade of industry experience.  Jai has worked in such big titles as Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and  Parks and Recreation. More recently, Jai has also worked on Horrible Bosses 2 and […]

Introducing The Elements of Cinema Podcast, featuring Interviews with Filmmakers


Greetings CinemaNation! I’m so excited to announce the launch of the Elements of Cinema Podcast, a phenomenal resource for both current and future filmmakers as we will explore different professions and careers in the entertainment industry. This will help us break the business apart and then piece it together. Here’s our introduction episode in which I explain […]

Is Film School a Good Idea?

The debate between Film School vs. DIY or Learn-As-You-Go Filmmaking is one of the hottest topics out there. Here's my two cents on the matter.


If you read my about page, you know that I went to film school. It’s no secret, I’m not ashamed. I actually had a superb experience, where I worked on a multitude of projects and befriended some of the nicest people I know. But, in the spirits of fair discussion, I will try to be […]

Martin Scorsese’s Inspiring Speech and Advice to Filmmakers


The pursuit of the arts, and specifically filmmaking in our case, is never a pain-free journey. There’s often a lot of confusion, doubt, and struggle along the way. By interviewing professionals of the entertainment industry, I often hear two dreaded words: “Burn out.” If you ask around, it’s not uncommon to meet professionals who are sick and tired of […]

Quentin Tarantino’s Movie Theater, The New Beverly, and His Love for Film Prints Explained

Quentin Tarantino's PULP FUCTION

  The transition to digital has taken the industry by storm. First the cameras, then the  projectors. Nowadays, actually celluloid film is a rare sight. But one old-school advocate vows to keep 35mm projections alive and available to the  interested audience. Quentin Tarantino, who purchased The New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles in 2007, is […]